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… and it’s even better.

The thing nobody told me before the wedding is that moving to a different city, changing jobs, and becoming a wife are enough to make your newly married head spin.  The past year has been a veritable blur!  It’s been a blur of learning how to be a wife to my husband, and how to re-shape family relationships and friendships as a married lady.  I thought it would just be a matter of filling out my change-of-address and change-of-name cards, but it’s been so much more than that.  Learning how to be in the world as a part of a new family is something I did not expect, and something I’m learning to relish.

This blog has been a casualty of the blur… not sure if I’ll keep it up or not, as I’m not sure anyone is reading!  (c:  It’s still fun to write, and we’ll see what happens.

The city is a discourse,
and this discourse is truly a language:
the city speaks to its inhabitants;
we speak our city,
the city where we are,
simply by living in it,
by wandering through it,
by looking at it.

- R o l a n d B a r t h e s


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