I keep thinking of all the songs about getting married… “I’m gettin’ married in the morning!”  and “Goooooin’ to the chapel and we’re (pause) gooooonnna get ma-aa-aarrrried” are running through my head right now.

I just had my first stress dreams about the wedding.  One was that i got to the church and realized that I had never told my musicians what songs I wanted them to play for the ceremony (I say “I” because wedding music has been my responsibility – just like the cake has been Shaun’s).  Now, my musicians are pretty awesome, but it would, in fact, be good to give them more than two hours’ notice as to what they’ll be playing at our wedding!  So yes, must get on that.

The other version of that dream (both in the same night) involved the flowers.  We’re planning to do our own flowers (ordering wholesale and doing the (very simple) bouquets ourselves), and all of them will be creamy white with green accents (it’s more economical to buy a lot of a few kinds of flowers, so we’ll be buying everything in the same color or two to save $$).  So how in the world, in my dream, did we end up with a purple iris altar arrangement?  It was a big, elaborate thing, sitting up on the altar as we said our vows… weird.

oh!  That was the other thing – in one of the dreams, we got through the wedding, and i could remember none of it.  I had zero memory of the ceremony, and it made me super-sad.

So!  Here’s the takeaway from last night’s dreams…

1) figure out music choices soon and communicate those to musicians (who also happen to be friends. we would like them still to be friends with us after the wedding, so the sooner, the better).

2) be very glad that we are not using purple irises.  i’m sure they can be used to good effect, but in my dream, they were not.

3) soak up every moment of that ceremony!  without it, none of the ribbon detail on the table runner or script on the invitation or color of the shoes makes one iota of difference.  i want to remember the promises i make to my husband, the words that are read to encourage us, and the homily that’s written to direct us as we begin this amazing journey together.  i want to remember, always, where we started.

4) I can’t wait to be up there starting everything!!  with him!!!    We’re down below the 7-week mark….