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Wow – almost a year has passed since I posted… in (not-so) brief, here’s my excuse-story:

The day I bought the tomatoes from the last post, I had coffee with my friend Kristen, who told me that a random brunch at her house the week prior had actually been a setup. ! So emails ensued between the setters-up and the settees-up (are those valid terms?? you get my drift, no?) and a two-person hike in the Wissahickon was planned for Labor Day.

We both intended to hike until about noon, figured it was a very warm day, we each had other folks to visit with on the holiday – a couple hours would do for a first “date” (?) … then suddenly, it was after two before either of us remembered to look at a watch! hmmmm…. When he dropped me off that day, I knew one thing, deeply: when you meet someone who makes your words and your silence so comfortable, it’s worth finding a way to share as many words and as much silence as you possibly can. So that’s what we did…

A long-distance courtship between Baltimore and Philadelphia officially began on September 20, 2008. I have recently been informed, though, of its termination, effective September 19, 2009… when it becomes our marriage.

(i didn’t know it could be this good, people! i had no. idea….)

I promise I’ll be back to the blog – in the middle of wedding planning. But I had to at least stop in to update the ridiculously long absence, in case there’s anyone (anyone??) out there! see you soon!

*this fellow I’m marrying… I wonder if he knows that I can never pass up an opportunity to reference Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Shhh – that’ll be our secret until after he’s said “I do.”… (c;

The city is a discourse,
and this discourse is truly a language:
the city speaks to its inhabitants;
we speak our city,
the city where we are,
simply by living in it,
by wandering through it,
by looking at it.

- R o l a n d B a r t h e s


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