Have you ever gone through the day knowing exactly what you need and feeling to stubborn to pause, reach out, and claim it?  the last few days, i’ve been running around and haven’t stopped to fuel my body properly – lazy, i guess.  but i got to the end of the day and realized that my body would be much more relaxed – and able to fall asleep – if i had drunk water through the day.  usually i balance my rather high coffee intake with equal/greater amounts of pure (lemon-juice-spiked) water, which diffuses the caffeine nicely.  well, i didn’t this time, and by the time i got home after a late night at work and tried to get to sleep, i realized that my whole body was stiff, my head vaguely ached, and my jaw was clenched tight as a spring (i seem to carry all my stress in my brows and my jaw). 

After a long streak of avoiding prolonged time in Scripture and in prayer, I’ve felt the same clenched exhaustion.  The last week has brought more prolonged time in the Word, more relaxed accepting of teaching and influence from the Spirit in quiet times and in groups.  I feel like i’ve just downed a full eight glasses of spiritual spring water.

One of my favorite places to visit anywhere is Rickett’s Glen, Pennsylvania.  There’s a state park there with waterfalls at nearly every turn of the trail, and every time i’ve been there, i’ve been overwhelmed, as though by a cascade, with the apt comparison between the attributes of God and water.  Living water… satisfying our heart’s thirst as the deer is satisfied by streams of water.  Provider of actual, physical water – symbolising all our needs – making water in the desert for the Israelites from a rock. 

(more references are in there – go find them.  i’m going to, too).