Open studio day, walking around under sunshine and burnt-gold leaves with friends

looking at creative, interesting, innovative art

 eating eggplant with tomatoes and garlic

finally figuring out how to cook lentils

baking cookies without burning them (i hate setting a timer)

coming home from the farmer’s market with armfuls of produce, locally grown.

cooking said produce and eating it.

mixing spices as one mixes paints, extemporaneously, and achieving a perfect, though previously unknown, balance of flavors.

moving the pen just so across the paper to form letters that are lovely to look at just for their lines, completely apart from what they mean as pieces of language.

dancing the night away, figuring out how to improvise steps to a song that just won’t let you stay still.

espresso.  strong.  rich.

kneading bread dough with my hands.

tucking in my sofa’s slipcovers until they finally look neat and tidy. 

scrubbing my kitchen sink until it shines.

perfect electric guitar tone.

the new album by Feist.

the website for Over the Rhine (