surely anyone reading this knows the source of the title, but just in case… go

okay, but mawage.. marriage – it has been bringing some folks together lately in my world. some of my dearest friends have been tying the knot. In reverse chronological order (drum roll, please)…

Nate and Laura!

The groom has been a good friend of mine since the end of grad school, I guess, and at times has felt like an extra brother. His bride is a beautiful, gentle, wise, warm … perfect! … complement for him. They were married in an outdoor ceremony under the sunshine, and the whole day spoke beautifully of their love for each other, their love for Christ, and the love of the Father for His children.

it was really great fun to be at their wedding with the whole gang. (this is not quite the whole gang in the photo, but a goodly portion thereof…)

We were starting to feel a little de ja vu, though, because exactly one week before, we had all been around for (second drum roll, please…)

Matt and Jamie’s wedding!!

(but first we must back up to Jamie’s bachelorette party…)

The bride is the one between the V and the E… I’m perched up in the L. There were four bridesmaids (2 sisters and 2 friends), and the 2 friends got to plan the party.
We went out for Thai food with two other girlfriends and then for bubble tea. The tiny tapioca balls in the bottom are perfect for…
TARGET PRACTICE! we had lots of fun with this (i have to give credit to the other bridesmaid, miss Joy, (who also took these photos), for the pea-shooter idea. actually, the bride herself had been known to take aim when bored with her bubble tea, so it seemed an appropriate activity for her last night out with the girls. (c; that’s me standing in the background, evaluating the shots. We live in a college-y part of town, and so after getting the tea right next to the university, we wandered on to campus to find a spot where we could play bachelorette’s bull’s-eye.
so after the party came the PARTY – the wedding! and the more i think about that, the more it deserves its own post. and there’s another wedding after that…